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Fillteks Textile

Fillteks Tekstil, a subsidiary of Ergüneş Group, which has been taking firm steps forward in the sector since 1983, has undertaken the production of all kinds of products belonging to the furniture textile sector with products such as mattress fabric, fiber, mattress wick, elastic column, interlining. Fillteks company, which was included in the Ergüneş Group in 2022, has become a company that brings new products to its country and sector, and has become a memorable company with the services it provides. The sales and marketing network is provided by Huzur Materialcilik, which has 40 years of experience and reliability within the same group of companies. Being aware of the rapid circulation in the textile sector, Fillteks has become the pioneer of global developments by keeping the R&D unit active. Fillteks, which has approximately 350 products, expands its product portfolio day by day and contributes to its sales network.

Fillteks, which has a monthly production capacity of 120,000 meters with knitted bedding fabric, jacquard bedding fabric and dobby bedding fabric, has a monthly production of 12,000,000 mt of mattress roving. It can produce 110,000 kg per month in original and recycle fiber production, 120,000 kg per month in white and colored interlining production, and 1,400,000 mt per month in elastic column production, with 1,000,000 mt of gusseted and non-gummed columns.

It provides minimum error, maximum quality and service with the regular control and support of its products to the production facilities. The company, which has been rising with a regular momentum every year, has been supplying products to more than 52 countries as of 2021, contributing more and more to the country's economy with each passing day.
Address : Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. 47.cadde no:7/C KAYSERİ / TÜRKİYE
Telephone : +90 0352 311 44 38
E-Mail : info@fillteks.com